Benefits of Weighted Blankets to Children

We’ve all seen the advertisements on TV that make you want to buy a bunch of weighted blankets for your children, but why? If you haven’t been paying attention to what your kids are up against, then you may not be aware of the safety issues involved. Weighted blankets can actually be quite dangerous and expensive in some instances. It is always best to do your research before shelling out your hard-earned money. Too many kids with ADHD fight uncontrollably with self-regulating and calming down techniques.

What are some potential dangers of a weighted blanket?

    • First, if the child is allergic to rag weight, then the blanket could actually be a problem. Rag weight restricts the range of motion, which in turn can lead to developmental issues.
    • In addition to that, some kids are more sensitive to certain materials than others, meaning that buying one with a certain type of material could actually be bad for them. Some children with ADHD also have trouble sleeping well at night, so the use of a weighted blanket may help with that as well.

weighted-blanketsOne of the benefits of weighted blankets is that they calm children down during the night. If your child is having problems going back to sleep because of their activities during the day, then using a weighted blanket may be just what they need. Research has shown that kids who are calmed down tend to sleep better at night. During the day, kids tend to be hyperactive and get up too fast. They do not have time to slow down and rest. A calm, heated blanket will help them settle down and wind down.

Another study done by many people found that when people used weighted blankets during the day, they decreased their stress levels and had fewer depression symptoms. This is likely because stress can cause many people to have depression symptoms or be anxious all the time. Calm kids, especially after play, tend to be calmer and have less stress.

There are many different kinds of weighted blankets to choose from. Some are filled with different coloured beads. These can help cheer you up if you feel blue. Other choices are filled with coins that represent points on the body. These can remind people of how much bodyweight they have lost over time.

The use of a weighted blanket can benefit adults just as much as children. If you feel stressed out or anxious during the day, then giving yourself and those around you a little comfort can work wonders. Just remember that a stuffed animal is not a replacement for sleep.