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“But I’m Gonna Need You to Say Sumthin…” – Drake

After all of the GREAT feedback we’ve gotten from the first episode of “Say Sumthin”…you KNEW we had to come back with another episode! The 2nd installment is the flip of the first show, so this time around we’re dealing with “What’s Wrong With You…the Black Woman!” Our guest for the show are Konya Lindsey of Sugar Plum Confections, Jasmine  Henderson and Ghise Lafleur.

“When You Have A Voice to Say Something…Say Something” – Jeru Da Damaja

Aiight ya’ll…it’s FINALLY here! The premier of our new radio show “Say Sumthin”! This radio show has been a work in progress for a minute, and it’s a GREAT feeling to have completed our first show. So, PLEASE take time to listen to the show and prayerfully you’ll enjoy it! Also, take a sec and leave your comments about the show and any ideas you have for future shows. The 1st of every month, we’ll post a new show, so stay tuned. As always, good looking out for the support and sit back and enjoy our first show “What’s Wrong With You…the Black Man”. Our guest for the show are Osei Moreland and Curtis Hamilton.