What to Expect from an Auto Service Contract

Auto service contracts have a lot of commonalities with service contracts for any type of car or truck, but there are a few key differences that are important to BMW customers. If you are an auto service contract owner, it is vital that you learn how these differences apply to your BMW. The following article will focus on just one of the main differences.

Most service contracts for used cars and trucks include an extended auto warranty that is provided by the dealership. The auto warranty varies by coverage and plan from company to company. In most cases, the more coverage the dealer has, the more expensive the premium.

BMW Service Adelaide wants you to use someone else for your maintenance and upkeep needs. You aren’t likely to find complete service information at a local BMW dealership, because they don’t have an automotive service department. Your dealer may only have service reminders posted on the front of their shop, and they won’t share how to perform certain repairs under the warranty. 

bmw-service-adelaideWhen you take your car to BMW Service Adelaide, they will perform a series of tests to diagnose problems with your car’s engine, transmission, brakes, etc. and recommend maintenance changes, sometimes at discounted rates. However, many times the suggested repairs will be maintenance items you can do yourself. For example, an oil change that is usually done every three thousand miles is normally enough to keep your engine light green.

Not all mechanics are knowledgeable about BMW, so it pays to research first… read auto repair reviews, check out forums and message boards online, and ask around to friends and family who may have taken their car in to be checked out. See BMW Service Adelaide.

If you do decide to perform some or all of these services on your own, make sure you understand the costs involved. Some service contracts can be upwards of $100, so you should factor that into the equation when deciding whether or not to complete the tasks. Be aware that the suggested repairs will only be done once per year, and that some dealership garages require oil changes, brake inspections, and even both of those things in addition to the suggested annual maintenance. If you don’t feel comfortable performing multiple tasks on your own, and if you’d rather skip any scheduled maintenance altogether, be aware that it can cost a pretty penny to have those tasks performed. You may end up with an oil change that costs twice as much or a new brake system that costs three times as much as the old one, depending on how complex or simple the repair is.